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This just a short and sweet explanation of hypnosis, how to use all of the downloads, and a couple pictures of me so you know who you're listening to. ;) Enjoy!
All in One 5-10-15-20
This is a great addition to any of the packages. It's a set of hypnosis recordings. They're great for anytime you need to relax your mind or body, eliminate anxiety, change your thinking and/or fill yourself with energy.
$23.95 $17.95
Anti-Aging Package
This package has everything you need to keep yourself young and healthy. If you're really motivated, you can turn back the clocks of time. Yes. This absolutely works. And, yes, it combats aging in the kindest, most natural and healthy way. Enjoy!
Anxiety Relief
This set is for people who get or have debilitating anxiety/attacks. It helps with the continuous terror of it never stopping and happening again. This set is for stopping it (while it is happening). There isn't any writing or reading included in this set
$101.75 $68.75
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Unlimited Streaming for our DIY Downloads and Guided Meditations Join one of our Monthly Clubs. There's a free 24 hour trial for our Hypnosis and Meditation of the Month Clubs. And the Just for Kids Club has a 3 day trial period. Enjoy!
Changes Made Easy Announcemens
This newsletter is written and published around the beginning of every month. Sign-up if you prefer to get an email notification when it's released for the latest specials, news and announcements.
Changing Relationship Patterns (with Men)
If you are ready to get rid of the old relationships and start over, this set is for you. It cleans out the cob webs, reprograms you and gets you ready for the best relationship you've ever had. The bonus? You'll create the perfect man for you.
Changing Relationship Patterns (with Women)
If you are ready to get rid of the old relationships and start over, this set is for you. It cleans out the cob webs, reprograms you and gets you ready for the best relationship you've ever had. The bonus? You'll create the perfect woman for you.
Classes, Seminars & Lectures
If you're interested in guided meditation, using your Spiritual Light and figuring out why things are happening the way they are,you'll love our Classes, Seminars and Lectures. We're continually adding new classes and content. Join us today!
Coaching Forms
These are all of the forms and instructions you'll need if you sign up for one or more of our coaching programs. Enjoy!
Download Coaching & Help
Sometimes we all need a bit of guidance. Everything in here works... The key is to figure out what you need. You'll get your questions answered and get a list of what to listen to to keep you on track with all of your goals.
eCourses & Training
If you like manifesting, positive thinking and being, Spiritual and psychic stuff, you'll love all of the eCourses we offer. You'll get a brief audio description when you check-out this product. All of these classes are complete unto themselves. Enjoy!
Eliminate Insomnia
If you have trouble sleeping every once in awhile, to you haven't slept in years, to I don't sleep at all. Whatever your sleeping challenge is... This package will cover it. Happy Knocking Out! ;)
Hypnosis Escape
This is included in this store because sometimes we just need a break and need to stop thinking. That's what this download does. And it's healthier than a drink or cake. ;) Relax, lay back. Forget Everything & Have fun!
$23.95 $17.95
Living Lightly Newsletter
The Newsletter Living Lightly is designed to do just that… to remind us to live in a Light state of mind; to enjoy our lives and take things lightly. It's made to brighten your day~to prompt those enlightened moments...
Love and Support (Cancer)
This set is a combination of Self-Help & Soothing and Treatment Support. This set includes writing and reading.
Manifesting Good Relationships
Yep. This fits perfect with any relationship stuff you're working on. :) Enjoy!
$15.95 $11.95
Manifesting: What's the Message?
If you want to move forward, this is how you do it. Get the message, fix/act on the guidance you receive and get on with your life. (Lesson Learned) You'll figure what is going on and why and understand the deeper workings of Spirit in your life.
Marriage & Wedding
If you're ready to settle down and BE married... Then, this is the package for you! You can use this set if you're currently in a relationship, newly single or even undecided. If you're already married, you can always do [another] wedding!
Packages with Sessions
The special packages are designed to help you reach your goal in the easiest, most effective and inexpensive way. *Some Phone Sessions Available
$926.80 $600.00
Positive Affirmation eBooks & Videos
We have a plethora of complimentary affirmation eBooks that complement and accompany all of the downloads in our various shops. The videos are for your convenience to pick your affirmation for the day/evening. Enjoy!
Psychic Diary Entries
Join us for intuition and self-help exercises, psychic ability training and mini-manifesting classes. You'll find excerpts from the diary entries [themselves] along with all types of journaling and goal setting tips and hints.
Quit Smoking Fund
This download helps you gear your mind (and your wallet!) to quit smoking. This works for any type of program you're planning on using~and if money is a motivator for you, you may find this is the only download you need. :) Happy listening!
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