Treatment Support (Cancer)

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This set supports your body and feeling better. They're great downloads to help your body get through some of the tougher times. There's no writing or reading included in this set. It comes with four audio downloads. 

Balancing your Body Temperature
You can use Balancing Your Body Temperature anytime you need it; as much as everyday or once a year. It's great for the changing of the seasons and when you're traveling. (You are able to adjust to hot or cold and to humid or dry climates.)

For Nausea
This download is for anytime you're feeling nauseous. It can be used anytime you can escape and close your eyes. It's short and to the point. Feel better now!
This is great for anything from having an upset tummy to morning sickness. (This is good for all ages. Well, as long as they can sit for 15 minutes. :)
Happy Soothing!

Headache Relief
This download is for when you have a headache. Find a dark, quiet place (if possible) and listen to it with your eyes closed. You need 20 minutes where you won't be interrupted. You'll get the message, know what you need to do in the future and fix the pain now. This is for you to stop the throbbing so that you can think :) Everyone knows one of the worst things about a headache is that you can't do anything else but hurt. This clears your mind, soothes the pain and gets you back to feeling like you.
(It's not a substitute for medical treatment.)

Painless Sleep
This download puts your body to sleep. Use it when you're going to bed. It's for people who are in pain ~ mentally, emotionally and/or physically.

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