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This set helps you to master your self hypnosis abilities. This set of downloads and a workbook that gives you everything you need to be a great subject, accept the suggestions that you want and get rid of any blocks or worries you may have. This is a must for anyone starting any type of hypnosis program or hypnotherapy.  This set comes with a 102 page workbook, four hypnosis downloads and one black board. 

The Relax Your Mind download teaches you how to relax your mind and let all of your thought, worries and memories fade from the 'front' of your mind. You'll be able to clear your mind any time, any place and melt into silence... into that place of mental peace.

Learn how to relax: This download teaches you how to relax. This is perfect for anyone who has a hard time relaxing their body, quieting their mind or feeling calm inside.
You'll lean how to release stress and tension from your muscles, clear your mind and count yourself down into a relaxed state or into sleep. This download has you flex and release your muscles and focus on your breathing. You decide what you would like to do at the end of the session~ wake up full of energy, stay in a meditative state or go to sleep. It's your choice, all you have to do is tell yourself what you want to do [at the end] when you start your download. 

The relax and accept good things download teaches you how to relax your mind and body. You'll move into a comfortable state and practice relaxing, releasing stress and letting your life flow effortlessly and always being better than you expect it to be.

The Hypnosis Works Black Board download is great if you've never done hypnosis before (and fabulous if you're a seasoned participant) because it takes out anything negative you have ever heard about hypnosis and reminds you that you are the one in control of your mind, body and life. It also helps your hypnosis sessions to work faster and better by removing any blocks you may have about the magic and simplicity of the state its self and the power of your mind.

Increase Hypnosis Effectiveness: Eliminate your Hypnosis Resistance Now! This Hypnosis download is to help you listen to your hypnosis downloads CDs and meditations regularly. I Love Hypnosis Downloads! makes ALL of your meditations and hypnosis sessions work better and faster. It is a fantastic compliment to all of your meditations and hypnosis sessions, downloads, CDs; And it makes a big difference. All you have to do - is listen to your CD. To get the maximum benefit, it is recommended that you get the Hynosis Workbook and the I Love Hypnosis Downloads! journal to go with your CD. You can find the Hypnosis Workbook and journals at Changes Made Easy .com in the I Love Hypnosis Downloads Section. (32 min) Due to the nature of the product (download) there are no refunds or exchanges; all sales are final.

Your Hypnosis Workbook: This 102 page workbook goes with the hypnosis downloads [on this site] and was created to help you achieve all of your goals.

The Meditation and Hypnosis Series is dedicated to everyone who wants to Lighten-Up and make a difference in the world and connect with their Higher Selves and live a more abundant and spiritual life.
Workbook to be used in conjunction with any download containing the title: Hypnosis, produced by Changes Made Easy .com, copyright (c) 2011 by Spiritual Answers and Solutions .com and written and recorded by Jennifer McVey.


Due to the nature of these products (downloadable) there are no refunds or exchanges; all sales are final. See more here.




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